Here we go: Cerati’s solo album turns 15

Spotify recalled that “Here we go”, Gustavo Cerati’s album published in 2006, turned 15 years old and celebrates it by highlighting that it is the most listened to of the musician’s solo production on the platform with 351 million streams.

“With purer and rocker sounds, 15 years ago Gustavo Cerati released his eighth solo album, Ahí Vamos. This album, composed of 13 successful and melancholic songs that toured the world in the framework of 70 concerts throughout Latin America, the United States and Europe, was the one that had the most streams on Spotify in his solo career ”, says the official presentation.

“In 2006, the artist exhibited the most recognized and praised album of his career, which stood out for the special conjugation of the guitar, the voice and the classical form of the songs,” he continues.

In addition to the data already exposed, Spotify recalls that Crime won an award for the best rock song at the Latin Grammys and that other hit songs were Lago en el Cielo (with more than 39 million streams), Adiós (more than 86 million), I Stay Here (more than 25 million) and La Excepción (more than 11 million).

“Ahí Vamos for me is an album that has a lot of strength, it is very power. It is an album that came at a time in the family in which we were all very close and I remember being a fan of the demos ”, recalled Benito Cerati, son of the musician who died in September 2014.



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