Her clothes are considered obscene, a woman is prohibited from boarding the plane

Southwest Airlines employee who prohibited Kayla Eubanks from boarding the plane because her clothes were considered too obscene. (Source: Twitter)

WASHINGTON, KOMPAS.TV – A women are prohibited from boarding aircraft by an airline because his clothes are considered obscene.

A woman named Kayla Eubanks who intends to fly to Chicago is prohibited from boarding the plane by the airline, Southwest Airlines.

The incident occurred last October 6. According to him, the airline staff did not allow him because the clothes he was wearing were too minimal.

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Eubanks at that time wore a low-cut bralette with a black halter and a tight red long skirt.

He said he was stopped by airline staff while he was at the gate for 30 minutes.

Eubanks said that according to airline officials the clothes he was wearing were too obscene.


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