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Russia Becomes a Threat to NATO, China Highlights!


North Atlantic Treaty Organization military alliance leaders meeting (NATO) which takes place in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday (29/6) will state Russia as a threat to their security. This was stated by NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg as they overhauled the alliance’s defenses in response to Russia’s invasion of Russia Ukraine.

“We will clearly state that Russia is a direct threat to our security,” the NATO secretary general said ahead of the opening of the NATO summit.

Reported from the news agency AFPOn Wednesday (29/6/2022), Stoltenberg said the meeting in Madrid would be “historic and transformative” for the seven-decade old alliance as it grapples with the repercussions of Moscow’s invasion of Russia. Ukraine.

“We are meeting in the midst of the most serious security crisis we have faced since the Second World War,” said the former Norwegian prime minister.

NATO will also for the first time turn his attention to the challenges posed by rising power China.

China is not an enemy,” Stoltenberg said.

“But of course, we need to consider the consequences to our security when we see China investing heavily in new modern military capabilities, long-range missiles or nuclear weapons and also trying to control critical infrastructure, for example, 5G,” he said.

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