Health. Has the confinement impacted your sexuality?

Confined for the second time in barely a year, we have seen many areas of our lives put to the test.

What about libido? To answer this question, Ifop interviewed more than 2,000 French people aged 18 to 69 on behalf of the Gleeden site. First point, 76% of French people have been confined as a couple or have a regular sexual partner.

Less than once a week

Of all respondents, 12% say they have had an average of three sexual intercourse per week before confinement, 8% during the first confinement and 11% during the second. But the majority confessed less than one sexual intercourse per week: 24% before confinement, 20% during the first and 23% during the second.

But by digging a little further, the camera revealed some negative points: 47% report a lack of tenderness and hugs, 35% a lack of sex, 32% a decrease in their naughty desires.

In the name of desire

To satisfy their desires, 59% of those questioned broke confinement: 21% only once and 38% several times.

Sex, not a point of contention

Finally, beyond the purely sexual aspect, more than three-quarters of French people (78%) find that their relationship has improved with confinement. However, the arguments have not really stopped.

First reason for dispute? Children, followed by family, money, work… and sex last.

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