Head of LB Moerdani Hospital, Major dr. Beni Arjihans stabbed to death by members

Merauke, Papua – The head of the LB Moerdani Army Hospital in Merauke, Major CKM, Dr. Beni Arjihans, died this morning after being stabbed by his colleague, a TNI officer with the rank of Sergeant One.

The stabbing incident occurred after the morning rally at the LB Moerdani Army Hospital, Merauke Regency.

At that time, the perpetrator, Sergeant Muhammad Al Kautsar and Major CKM, Dr. Beni Arjihans, entered his office. Suddenly, the perpetrator stabbed the victim from behind using a kitchen knife right in the left side of his back.

The victim was in critical condition due to wounds as deep as 23 cm. The victim could not be saved and was declared dead.

The perpetrator has also been arrested by the police. Until now, the motive for the stabbing is still being investigated and investigated.(awy)

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