He started with Hložek, now he is firing for the national team. But in a completely different sport

Helsinki (from our rapporteur) – He plays in the super league for the championship Mladá Boleslav, but his football stage is connected with Brno’s Zbrojovka. “We had a very strong year, we were the best in the country. We defeated Sparta and Slavia, “he recalls.

The year 2002 produced a number of talents in Zbrojovka, judge for yourself. Adam Hložek is already a Sparta star, he played for the Euro this year. Antonín Svoboda from Karviná plays in the national team under the age of twenty, Lukáš Vorlický works in Atalanta Bergamo, Slovak Adam Obert in Cagliari…

After all, even Hemerka was not far from engaging in the Apennine Peninsula. “We were once at a training camp in Florence and about five boys wanted to keep us there for an exam in Fiorentina. But we were young, so we refused, “he recalls.

Hemerka also proved his talent among floorball guards, so around the age of fifteen he had to decide which sport would take precedence. “There was a better team in floorball and I enjoyed it more,” he explained his choice, although he was deprived of the possibility of lucrative earnings.

“Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t have stayed at football because of the conditions, but I’m not sorry. Floorball has grown to my heart and is a part of my life, “says the national team striker. “But I like to remember my football career, it gave me a foundation in floorball in terms of speed and dynamics, which makes me stand out,” says Hemerka, who won the junior world title this year.

Photo: Czech floorball / Martin Flousek

Adam Hemerk (right) during the semifinals of the World Cup against FinlandPhoto: Czech floorball / Martin Flousek

He doesn’t pull the soccer ball out very often. “No time, floorball has moved so much that we train every day,” he says. And so he’s more of a fan. When time allows, he sets out for Zbrojovka. “She’s fine now, I hope we’re back in the elite,” she wishes.

He has already gained foreign experience with floorball, he worked briefly in the Helsinki team EräViikigit. “I would definitely like to play in Sweden, Finland or Switzerland,” admits the nineteen-year-old talent who is studying business management in Mladá Boleslav in addition to floorball.


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