He flew “Magnum” over Hawaii: actor Roger E. Mosley is dead

He flew “Magnum” over Hawaii
Actor Roger E. Mosley is dead

Anyone who knows the US television series “Magnum” with Tom Selleck also knows Roger Mosley. He helped out with helicopter flights for many years. Now the actor is dead.

Actor Roger E. Mosley died Sunday morning at the age of 83. This was announced according to “TMZ” by his daughter. Mosley is best known for his role on the US series Magnum, where he played Theodore “TC” Calvin, the helicopter pilot. Tom Selleck played the leading role.

Calvin often flew his colleagues over the island of Hawaii when they had problems. He owned a helicopter business in the series, played the role for eight years over 158 episodes. Mosley then played in a variety of other productions, including “Love Boat”, “Kojak” or “Starsky and Hutch”.

According to “TMZ” Mosley died in the presence of his family. “Rest,” his daughter wrote to him. “I’ll take care of mommy, your love of almost 60 years.”

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