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He dies in the crash of his steam rocket trying to prove that the Earth is flat

Mike “Mad Mike” Hughes died in the crash of his homemade rocket. (Twitter / @justindchapman)

Mike Hughes, better known by the pseudonym of Mad Mike in the world of “platists”, died in the crash of his homemade rocket this Saturday in the California desert.

Convinced that the Earth is flat and determined to prove it, Mike Hughes, 64, and his sidekick Waldo Stakes have built their own steam powered rocket.

After raising 18,000 dollars (around 16,500 euros) and having developed their rocket, they had an appointment with their supporters this Saturday, near Barstow in California (United States).

Adventure turns to drama

The autodidact, who was part of the program “Homemade Astronauts” broadcast by the American channel Science Channel, took place aboard his machine.

The aircraft took off, but an incident occurred when it left its launch pad. His parachutes probably opened too early, during the takeoff phase. The rocket rose a few dozen meters from the ground before crashing into the California desert.

An ongoing investigation

Police in San Bernardino went on the scene after being informed at around 2 p.m. local time that a “fatal rocket accident” had occurred, according to local media. Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office have been assigned to investigate the accident.

Early indications are that the rocket may have rubbed on the launch pad, damaging the parachutes attached to it.

Reach the line of Kámán

Mad Mike’s ultimate goal was to reach the Kámán line. This area is 100 kilometers above the surface of the Earth and defines the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and space. The sixties and his comrade wanted to prove that the Earth is not round but flat.

A previous failure in 2018

Mad Mike had already made such an attempt in March 2018. His previous artisanal device had risen to 570 meters above sea level before hitting the ground heavily. The accident resulted in him spending several days in the hospital.

In the trailer for “Homemade Astronauts”, Mike Hughes explained how to carry out these extraordinary experiments ” just to convince people that they can do extraordinary things in their lives “.

It was one of a kind “Said Darren Shuster, Mad Mike’s press secretary to TMZ. ” When God created Mike, he broke the mold. Man has lived to push the limits. It would not have been released otherwise. RIP!“, He concluded.

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