Having excess Samsung Galaxy M51 HP makes people confused before buying

NAIL MEDIASamsung recently launched its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M51, which has an edge over its predecessors.

These advantages include a 7000mAh battery capacity, 25W fast charging, Snapdragon 730G (8), NFC, Super Amoled and can be used as a power bank.

Apart from having more advantages, this phone also has several complaints that have been experienced by users of the Galaxy M51.

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These are some of the complaints experienced by Galaxy M51 users.

1. Has a heavy weight

As a result of having a large battery capacity, this phone has a heavy weight which is around 213 grams with a thickness of 9.5 mm, so it is not comfortable when used on a daily basis.

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Unlike its predecessor the Galaxy M31s, which weighs around 203 grams, 10 grams lighter than the Galaxy M51. With a weight of 213 grams, hands may feel tired quickly, when using this phone for too long.


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