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Having broken up, Indra Priawan is sure to marry Nikita Willy because of her religion

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Nikita Willy has officially held the status of Indra Priawan’s wife since October 16, 2020. It turns out that Niki and Indra decided to get married after their breakup, Mother.

This husband and wife had previously been in an affair for four years. They admitted that they had ended their relationship because they had been together for too long.

In fact, the separation made Niki and Indra realize that they cannot live alone. The couple also decided to return to their love affair by getting married.

“We have been dating for about four years, we broke up maybe because the relationship has been too late. But when we broke up, we just realized that we didn’t think we could do it. apart, keep us decide for marriage, “said Niki, quoted from YouTube Titi and Tian, Monday (3/5/21).

Indra also learned a lot from his separation from Niki before marriage. This 29-year-old man admits that he knows a lot about his true feelings for Niki, Mother.

prayer banner for uas ex-wife / Photo: haibunda.com/Mia Kurnia Sari

“Yesterday when we broke up, we both really wanted to know this was actually us meng-foward or not. When it turned out that we really broke up and got caught. So it fits Go back not dating anymore, just right Go back Don’t get married, “he said Indra Priawan.

During the breakup, Indra really lost Niki’s figure. He also considered Niki to be the right woman to be with him.

For Indra, Niki was not only patient and caring. The 26-year-old woman is also religious.

“Like when I broke up, I didn’t know that all the girls I wanted were in Niki, like Niki was patient, motherly, caring, good religion. That’s what I might be looking for for a girl, so what else do I want to find? that’s perfect in this world, “he said.

Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan did not mess with their love affair for four years. The couple decided married after breaking up.

This commitment was made by Indra and Niki after they felt they needed each other. Then what is the reason for the two of them getting married immediately after breaking up?

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