Hands-on Moto g9 Plus from Motorola: a lot of smartphone for little

If you take a quick look at the Moto g9 Plus, you tend to think that it is a phone in the range of 500-900 euros, but nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the sleek design and the presence of four cameras, the g9 plus is much cheaper. The new mid-range model from Motorola at a budget price is a bit of a sacrifice when it comes to the display, but even that has its advantages.

Motorola knows very well for whom the g9 plus is for and has sacrificed exactly on the right fronts to create one of the best phones in its price range. In terms of appearance and feel, you would almost think that the g9 plus costs double, but it still sells for only € 269. With its 6.81-inch screen and sleek outline, the device feels great in the hand – and yes, there is indeed a black border around the screen, but you simply cannot escape that in this price range. The selfie camera is neatly incorporated in the top left of the screen, and such a finger scanner in the on / off button still works excellently and is certainly not in the way. The water-resistant housing is also a plus.

Premium specifications for a reasonable price

If we zoom in a little deeper on the moto g9 plus, it becomes clear that Motorola is achieving its goal: to offer a phone with excellent specifications and functions for a more than reasonable price. Compared to its more expensive brothers, the g9 plus may have a slightly less screen, but that actually benefits the battery life. The 6.8-inch Full HD + screen is still a pleasure to watch, and the colors splash off thanks to HDR10 support. And let’s be honest, especially for this price, 6.8 inches is really gigantic.

Fast charging, chipset and cameras

The g9 plus is equipped with a Snapdragon 730G chipset, in combination with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage space (which can be further expanded with a memory card). This chipset is significantly faster than that of the predecessor of the moto g9 plus, the Motorola moto g8 plus, and allows the vast majority of available apps to run smoothly. It is also perfectly possible to run games. Also new for Motorola is the support of 30 Watts fast charging, so you have the smartphone full again in no time. With normal use, it can easily last for two days, thanks to the 5,000mAh battery, and therefore the g9 plus will appeal to a wide audience.

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The Blush Gold version

You can take sharp pictures with the moto g9 plus, as the quad camera on the back consists of a 64MP main camera and an 8MP wide-angle camera, which come into their own thanks to the accompanying 2MP macro and 2MP depth sensor. Colors and clarity are surprisingly accurate for such a competitively priced phone, and even in poor lighting, the g9 plus packs a punch. The 16MP selfie camera on the front also leaves little to be desired, so even the biggest social media stars can hold their own without paying huge amounts.

Many pluses, few minuses

All in all, the moto g9 plus from Motorola does exactly what it should do, because this premium feel and specifications are more than worth the price of € 269.99. The strongest points are clearly the large screen, the excellent cameras and accompanying software, and of course the renewed battery. Small hiccups are the lack of 5G support (which always pushes the price up anyway) and the fact that it is equipped with Android 10 instead of Android 11 – even if there is an update for it. It is actually special that there is so little to criticize about a phone in this price range. This shows that Motorola is able to achieve its goals with the g9 line in style.

Want to know more about the camera options, the large screen or the long battery life of the moto g9 plus, which you can pay for the enormous competitive price tag. 269? That information can be found here.

Motorola in 2020: at home in all markets

Motorola has been an established name in the land of telecommunications for almost 100 years, long before the first smartphone was released, and with the new line of smartphones, the company shows that they want to stay that way for a long time to come. Motorola wants to offer something for everyone.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Then the moto e6s is a great smartphone for less than 100 euros, or you can join the g9 family with the g9 Play (€ 159.99). Still need a higher resolution, and should it cost a little more? Then the motorola one fusion + is an excellent alternative.

If you prefer a fast internet connection, you will end up with the moto g 5G plus (for € 349.99), and with the cheekily designed edge, Motorola has a fantastic mid-range phone (for € 599.99). . The real techies among us can hardly ignore the motorola razr 5G (€ 1,499.99): high-end specs in combination with a bendable OLED screen and slick design.

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