Handball: PSG Hand is already putting Nantes and Montpellier at a distance

After barely a day, Paris distanced itself from its victory over Istres (34-25) over its two main competitors Nantes beaten in Rennes and Montpellier who shared the points at home against St Raphaël. An ideal start for the Parisians before Thursday’s trip to the Hungarians of Veszprém in the Champions League.

First successful at Coubertin

It was a party in Coubertin this Friday at the opening of the French championship season. The party first of all to the eight Olympic medalists, five gold, two silver and one bronze, which as usual were celebrated by a Pierre de Coubertin Stadium happy to find its reds and blues. But these past celebrations, it is a game more complicated than expected that the teammates of Nikola Karabatic had to play. Jostled by already sharp Istreans, the Parisians took advantage of temporary Provençal exclusions to make the hole in the middle of the first period and reach the end of the first period with an exceptional first shot from Elohim Prandi.

The second period is a Parisian recital around a demonstration by Vincent Gérard which remains in line with his very convincing performances of the Olympics. Istres was not completely overwhelmed with a few flashes, in particular from Hosni at long distance, but the lack of depth on the bench and the difference in level would irremediably give the reds and blues the match.

After the departure this summer of Dylan Nahi, the big question mark of the meeting was how to compensate for this absence. Last year the Ile-de-France was replaced by Mathieu Grébille who never knew how to find the right fuel in attack and Adama Keita had to take his trouble patiently as a third choice. This first match devoted a jump ball. Keita rather taking the offensive phases with a real success (4 goals) and Grébille the defensive phases with him also real qualities which allowed Mikkel Hansen to defend less and which constantly disrupted the Provençal attack. It is therefore for the moment a good start to pass to the revealer of Veszprém next Thursday.

Technical sheet

PSG-Istres: 34-25 (16-14) – Stade Pierre de Coubertin – Referees: Artes and Bolla

PSG Handball: Gérard (15 stops at 35%), Genty, Syprzak (5), Prandi (4), Keita (4), Sole (4), Kristopans (3), Hansen (3), N.Karabatic (3), L. Karabatic (3), Remili (3), Steins (2), Ntanzi, Kounkoud, Toft Hansen, Grebille.

Istres Provence Handball: Gaudin (5 stops at 20%), Tabaran (4 stops at 19%), Hosni (6), Nielsen (4), Guillaume (3), Olsson (3), Honrubia (2), Crépain (1), Gensoulen ( 2), Parisini (1), Mikkelsen (1), Dentz (1), Roche, Jund, Kotters, Kasa.


Nantes and Montpellier left behind

Once the feeling of duty accomplished, the Parisians did not already think of leaving behind the two teams with which he regularly shares the podium of the championship of France. First on Saturday, Nantes fell to the Cesson-Rennes floor, which finished in 14th place last year, narrowly avoiding relegation. Then on Sunday, it was another surprise that came to perfect the Parisian weekend since Montpellier dropped a point at home against St Raphaël who had finished in a soft stomach last season in 8th place.

In a championship where points are expensive, Paris had lost only three over the whole of the previous financial year, which is excellent news which puts Paris in the best position.

1st day

  • Paris-Istres: 34-25
  • Creteil-Dunkirk: 34-29
  • Toulouse-Chambéry: 27-30
  • Aix-Limoges : 31-29
  • Cesson-Rennes-Nantes:
  • Chartres-Nancy : 28-27
  • Nimes-Saran: 31-26
  • Montpellier-Saint-Raphaël: 29-29


  • Paris: 2 pts (+9)
  • Créteil: 2 pts (+5)
  • Nîmes: 2 pts (+5)
  • Chambéry: 2 pts (+3)
  • Aix : 2 pts (+2)
  • Cesson-Rennes: 2 pts (+2)
  • Chartres: 2 pts (+1)
  • Saint-Raphaël: 1 pt (+0)
  • Montpellier : 1 pt (+0)
  • Nancy : 0 pt (-1)
  • Limoges : 0 pt (-2)
  • Nantes: 0 pt (-2)
  • Toulouse : 0 pt (-3)
  • Dunkerque : 0 pt (-5)
  • Suggestions: 0 pt (-5)
  • Istres : 0 pt (-9)


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