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Hamburg: man storms with gun in gas station

The Aral gas station on Königstrasse, directly in front of the Hamburg Kiez, was attacked early on Saturday evening: a man wrapped in an FFP2 mask stormed into the shop with a gun.

And not under cover of darkness, but around shortly after 9 p.m. when it was still noticeably light outside. The man – first information from local officials about 1.70 meters tall, black hoodie, dark trousers – demanded money from the cash register with the gun in hand, but ultimately fled the shop again without loot. He had covered his face with a black FFP2 mask.

Hamburg: man storms with a gun in a well-known gas station

The reasons for his escape were initially unclear. The local police took over that evening and looked for clues. The police asked witnesses who witnessed the crime to come forward. Notes: Tel. 428 65 6789. (dg)

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