Halo saves another life in Formula 2 crash

The introduction of Halo in the single-seaters it was highly criticized in the 2018 season, but over time, the accidents that have occurred have proved the reason for the FIA because they have saved several lives, such as that of Charles Leclerc in the Belgian Grand Prix that same year or that of Lewis Hamilton in his contact with Max Verstappen in Monza last season.

The last episode in which we have seen how this security element has allowed us not to regret a misfortune has occurred at the 2022 British Grand Prix, at Sunday’s Formula 2 race at Silverstone. In the first laps, everyone is looking to gain positions, so more risky actions follow one another, and in one of them, Roy Nissany, the reserve driver of Williams in Formula 1 and of DAMS, closed Dennis Hauger, the champion in 2021 of Formula 3.

As a consequence of the Israeli’s movement, the Norwegian’s single-seater went to the outside of the track, so he was unable to regain control, and as the configuration of the track made the curve meet his trajectory, the According to he collided with his spoiler on his rival’s Halo.

However, it was not only the left-hand corner to blame, but the large curb that the federation installed in Vale caused the Norwegian’s car to jump more than a meter above the ground. in that accident, Nissany he saw how the Halo saved his life, since in other past times something like this would have ended in an impact with his head.

The action caused the safety car to come out onto the track, while the stewards removed both cars from the loophole with a crane, but it did not prevent Logan Sargeantthe other driver from the Williams academy climbed to the top of the podium in what was his first victory in the category and his third podium after the one he achieved in Barcelona and Baku.

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