Hala Sidqi to Youm7 TV: Josie was surprised by my agreement to do a “DNA” analysis.

The able artist, Hala Sedky, confirmed that her husband’s lawyer Sameh Sami withdrew from the case because he had nothing to respond to any recent statements she made against her husband, saying: No one letter proves the opposite of my words and my rosy statements regarding thedna You will be in court, and you will file a report with the Attorney General against these statements because I and my children have been harmed by the matter. “

This came in an interview by the able artist Hala Sedky on the seventh day TV with colleague Muhammad Mahsoub, during which she talked about the whole crisis of her marriage, the reasons for the problems between her and her husband, and responded to everything that was said about her, as well as about the measures that she will take during the coming period.

And my husband’s statements added nothing more than a “confusion” because of the alimony case that I filed on him, and he was judged 12,000 pounds to be paid every month to his twin children, Sam and Mary.

And she continued: My husband, a month before his statements, asked the court to know our children’s bank accounts because my mother told him that she landed money in their accounts, and by virtue of the fact that he is the legitimate father, he filed a case that he wanted to know the amount of money in order to withdraw it.

Part of the segment to talk about Hala Sidqi’s comprehensive dialogue with the Seventh Day TV

She explained that the court rejected his request, and their grandmother transferred the money in the name of their uncle, and stated that he is trustworthy and that all the money will be returned to them in the future.

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In a related context, she said: Jozy, when he tried to transfer the money in his name, he failed, he thought of a need to escape from the ruling on alimony, and I talk about the issue of thedna She said that he expected that I would refuse to do it, but he was surprised that I agreed. “


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