Hadjigenov turned around, accepted support from the BSP and split “Stand up! Get out!” – Elections

Negotiations for a new government are not yet under way, but I am ready to start immediately because it is important. Like it or not, we need the votes of the BSP. Without them we can do nothing. This was stated to BNT by the co-chair of Stand up! Nikolai Hadjigenov.

With this statement he provoked a reaction on social networks. Because recently Hadjigenov, as part of the Poison Trio, claimed that everyone should be against GERB, but never with BSP and MRF.

In an interview with Free Europe in October 2020, he said:

“All together against GERB, without BSP and MRF, because they are accomplices. What is unclear?

Borissov revealed his moves to form a new government

In his interview with BNT, Hadjigenov surprised once again. Asked if he was ready to be a minister, he said:

“If necessary – yes. Whatever is necessary, of course within my competence.”

Adv. Hadjigenov also admitted that the coalition he represents is up! Get out! he doesn’t like it, but she worked to get into parliament.

“I did something I didn’t like, but it worked,” he said.

According to him, the emotion should be put aside.

Meanwhile, Hadjigenov’s speech before BNT angered his colleagues in Stand Up! Get out!

Lawyer Nikolay Hadjigenov may not be part of the coalition’s future parliamentary group, Maya Manolova and Tatiana Doncheva announced at a briefing.

What he said in the morning is a personal opinion and does not engage the coalition, Manolova added. We have repeatedly stated clearly in the election campaign that we will neither give nor seek support from GERB and MRF. We do not enter into talks and bargains with the parties of the status quo. With GERB, with MRF and with BSP we do not enter into bargaining with the government, she was categorical.

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Their parliamentary group is to be formed, which will elect its own leadership and its own speakers, who will express the group’s opinion. In fact, Mr. Hadjigenov does not have to be part of this group, especially if he intends to become a minister with the support of GERB and the MRF, Manolova added. None of the elected deputies who allowed themselves to enter into agreements for ministerial seats, posts and positions will be part of our parliamentary group, she vowed. And he reminded his position that they will hold talks with “There is such a people” and “Democratic Bulgaria” for joint actions.



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