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Haas files the protest, Red Bull and Alpine on the mat at the race direction

‘steam Haas protested against the results of the United States Grand Prix. The American team is not happy with the fact that Fernando Alonso in Sergio Perez didn’t see a meatball flag due to loose parts on their cars.

The Haas team filed an official protest against the race results at the Circuit of the Americas. Team leader Guenther Steiner’s squad disagrees that both Perez and Alonso weren’t pitted by race officials, despite parts dangling from their cars. According to the regulation, drivers can see the so-called “meatball flag” if parts are hanging from the car that could potentially cause a hazard on the track.

Suspended parts

In the end we saw how, among other things, Alonso’s mirror blew up his Alpine, just as part of Perez’s RB18 flew onto the track. However, neither driver was summoned to the pits by the race officials before the parties flew to the track. The frustration with the American team will be mainly in the fact that Kevin Magnussen this season, due to a similar situation, the meatball flag was shown several times and he had to go to the pits.

Past frustrations in Singapore

The Dane criticized the FIA ​​after the second half in Singapore: “Everyone was close throughout the first lap, so I didn’t realize I had made contact. I didn’t feel anything for the car. The team said. He told me. the damage was minimal. It was also to the end plate. We explained to the FIA ​​that that is attached. The FIA ​​should know that. They make the rules. That part of the car can’t fall, so it’s not a safety issue at all. It’s completely exaggerated to give me a black / orange flag, “he grumbled at that moment.

Update 01:21

Haas’ protests against Red Bull and Alpine have been honored and labeled ‘plausible’ by the FIA ​​and therefore both teams are immediately held accountable in the race director’s room. There they have to fend off Haas’ protests, even though it seems the race direction itself slept here.

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