GWENT has announced that it will stop adding new cards next year and move to community-driven games. “Gwent Infinite Plan” activated – AUTOMATON


CD PROJEKT RED Announced December 5″gwent witcher card game(hereinafter, Gwent) has announced its future development policy. In addition to revealing the roadmap for 2023, it was announced that no new cards will be added from 2024.

“Gwent” is a free-to-play online battle card game which is a stand-alone version of “Gwent”, which has been well received as a mini-game of “Witcher 3 Wild Hunt”. Beta testing started in May 2017, and in October 2018, the PC version was officially released along with a major revamp of the game’s design and rules.

CD PROJEKT RED has released a 2023 roadmap for this work.publication. Three new cards are expected to be added within the same year, and the number of cards to be added is expected to exceed 70. As for the breakdown, 24 cards will be added in April, 36 cards in July, and 12 cards in September. Additionally, the monthly updates will continue and various rework and balance adjustments will be made.

It was also revealed that there are no plans to add new cards after 2024. It is said that the card pool will be “completed” with the addition of cards by 2023. In the same year we will work on balance adjustments in parallel and we will we are told that we want to create an environment where all cards are in good shape by the end of the year. Even if no new cards are added, the service will not stop and the game will continue.

Additionally, the user community will be provided with tools to make balance changes within Gwent. It appears that this tool will not be a tool that cuts through hard-to-use external systems or Unity. On the other hand, the functions are limited and large-scale functions such as reworking and developing new skills will not be supported. It should be a tool that allows the user community to adjust the balance.

The future of GWENT is said to be fun not only in terms of gameplay, but also in the form of deciding which direction to adjust balance and which cards to strengthen or weaken. Each user of the community will eventually be involved in the politics of this work. One of the reasons for this conclusion is the production of various content such as community-driven mods. It is explained that it is expected that in the future we will be able to provide the newer environment in a better shape, as the opinions on the balance adjustments have been received mainly from the main players.

Gwent’s future policy announces that it will outsource the balancing adjustment to the community. While the service will continue, the baton will pass from the developer to the community in 2023. There are no major changes in the structure of the development team, and while maintaining the same resources as in 2022, the game will continue to be developed and improved. Also, this announcement is not a farewell, but support and communication with users will continue. The development team reiterates its policy to keep GWENT running and keep it indefinitely. It is reported that this plan, which promotes the community initiative, will be called “Gwentinfinity”.

At the end of the announcement, he thanked the users who have supported this work for more than five years. Furthermore, the announcement of the policy after 2024 is also said to be an announcement for the transparency of the operation. As mentioned above, new cards are expected to be added in 2023 and next year will be a busy year for GWENT.

“GWENT” is distributed free of charge for PC ( and iOS/Android.

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