“How he looks at you!”: with which Sergey Glushko sleeps

Natasha Koroleva’s husband more than once found himself in scandalous situations. He’s no stranger to appearing naked in public and making excuses to cheat caught on video.

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While many fellow stars hastily leave their homeland, Sergey Glushko, better known by the sonorous pseudonym Tarzan, remains to live in his country villa and supports the NWO in Ukraine. Due to his position, he is said to have quarreled with his mother-in-law and with his wife, singer Natasha Koroleva, all of which did not go so well recently, they say. The stripper tries to find solace in art and communication with pets.

Glushko appears regularly on his personal microblog on Instagram*. With subscribers she mainly shares home snaps and images of her new paintings. The day before, a photo of her bed appeared on the star’s page. On it, Sergey basks in bed in an unexpected company.

There is no queen nearby, but Glushko’s loneliness is enlivened by a charming fluffy dog ​​who lies on the pillow and faithfully looks at the owner. “No comment,” Tarzan captioned the post. The artist turned off the ability to comment on this post, but some fans still managed to talk.

Sergei Glushko

“Pets are destroyers of hearts! Well, how not to love them!”, “He smiles”, “How he looks at you! This is love!”, “Oh, what a charm! Milashkin. Seryozha, you are irresistible, fans write.

Many years ago, Sergei Glushko publicly showed tenderness not to dogs, but to his beloved wife, Natasha Koroleva. A lot has changed over the years of marriage. Together, the couple even survived a public scandal with the betrayal of Tarzan, but now they rarely appear in the world together.

While Sergey is cozying up at home, the performer of the hit “Yellow Tulips” does not deny himself entertainment. Recently, the queen was seen at Philip Kirkorov’s birthday party for her daughter Alla Victoria, and after the children’s party, the artist went to an elite cigar club. There alone that evening Natasha suddenly she found herself in the arms of another man.

Source: Instagram*

Photo source: Instagram*, Legion-media

*The organization is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation

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