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Guzeeva’s daughter showed her man. A photo

Alexey is engaged in web design and plans to establish a business.

“Like cola and mentos”: Guzeeva’s daughter introduced her lover
Larisa Guzeeva with her daughter. Photo by Evgeny Gusev. KP

The 19-year-old daughter of Larisa Guzeeva Olga Bukharova introduced to the public her lover Alexei. The girl posted a touching photo with him on her blog. “We are like cola and mentos,” she signed him.

It is known that when the effervescent drink and peppermint candy are combined, strong fluid boiling begins. So, apparently, the couple’s personal life is in full swing, and emotions in their relationship are going through the roof.

The girl has long been living with her young man, but she has never demonstrated their relationship in public. And now, apparently, this hour has come. In today’s times, this can be regarded as a certain stage in life.

Earlier Olga admitted that she fell in love with Alexei almost at first sight when she saw him at a party. It is known that the guy is engaged in web design, and she herself teaches English. In the future, the couple plans to open a common business by establishing their own brand.


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