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Group accused of stealing cars to sell parts in the areas of Braga and Porto

The 109 marketers who operated outside the municipal market in Braga decided to move to the Alameda do Estádio, thus accepting the proposal that had been made to them by the Chamber.

The first fair was to take place this Thursday, but it was postponed until Saturday, so that the delimitation of spaces is complete.

Just yesterday, at night, a group of marketers was at the place and began to delimit spaces on the floor. And as far as MINHO was concerned, another group, this one with the right to have a space in the place, since it belongs to those who worked in the market, learned of the fact and appeared in the place, to prevent abusive demarcations. “They took up reasons and there was only no physical collision because the Municipal Police and the PSP appeared,” said one of those involved.

Feirantes deliver a petition to the Braga Chamber with one thousand subscribers

The move to the new stadium area is due to the fact that, on Monday, the group’s lawyer, Francisco Peixoto, reached a written response from the Chamber to the petition that was handed to him last Friday, at which is repeated that his return to this place is guaranteed, as soon as the pandemic ends. Therefore, and given that the letter is signed by Ricardo Rio, the traders agreed to hold the fair, on Thursdays and Saturdays, at Alameda do Estádio.

Hélder Oliveira, spokesman for the group, confirmed to MINHO that the protest actions that merchants had been carrying out with the City Hall for more than a week have also ended.

In reply to the petition, Rio writes that the fair “will resume its activity at Praça do Comércio, but exclusively on the back street of Lar Conde de Agrolongo, as was, moreover, defined in the market requalification project”.

He also stresses that the fair in that place is “prohibited until the conditions resulting from the pandemic are overcome, and regardless of the evolution of the work in progress”, that is, the fair returns to the square as soon as sanitary conditions permit.

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