The National Police imposes 40 sanctions in Elda and Petrer on Thursday morning

TheElda-Petrer National Policehas risen in the morning thisThursday, March 19a total of40 minutes of sanctionindividualfor breaches of the state of alarm against the coronavirus. In the last two days the fines, which can reach600 euros, exceed the figure of70. And to these we must add those that the Local Police of Elda and Petrer are filing in their respective municipalities.

TheState Security Corpswarn citizens that thespecial devicefor the control of drivers and pedestrians it is going tointensifyin the coming days. At the moment the agents are being condescending towards the citizens. Otherwise the sanction proposals could have beentriplicate.

Most of theoffendersthey are young and even younger. The objective is, on the one hand, to raise awareness among citizens of the obligation to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections and, on the other, to enforce the measures included in Decree 463/2020 that declares the state of alarm.

The agents verify that in thevehiclesthat circulate on public roads no more than one person travels and that the reason for the displacement is justified by some of the exceptions included in the same Decree, such as attendance at work, the purchase of food or medicine, going to the hospital or center health or assistance to elderly or dependent people.

The Decree contemplates that during the validity of the state of alarm, people may only circulate along the roads or spaces for public use to carry out the aforementioned activities, which must be carried out individually, unless people withdisability, minor, elderly or for other just cause.

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On trips toHealth centersOnly a maximum of two people can travel in the vehicle: the patient and a companion. In the event that more than two people travel, the corresponding sanction will be imposed.

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