gradients, pending messages and spell checking

Directly on New Year’s Day, Telegram developers released A fresh update of its open source messenger with end-to-end encryption, adding a number of new features to it.

The first innovation was improved editing of custom themes. Appearance settings now support gradient backgrounds that can be applied to chat rooms, element primary colors, messages, and so on. The developers have released a number of new templates for backgrounds. Moreover, the subject is vast: from space and seals (and seals in space) to mathematics, Paris, the New Year and the like. In addition, new basic themes for day and night modes have been added, and switching between them has become easier.

Other features include sending pending messages when a recipient appears on the network. This only works when you can see the user status itself. In the geolocation selection menu, it has become more convenient to choose places, and when using the night mode, maps are also repainted in dark colors.

Search engine improved. Now you can easily switch between messages containing a keyword sent by a specific person or from a certain day. You can also view the results in a list. And on iOS, you can select multiple messages without leaving search mode. Previously, this was only possible on Android. Finally, a spellchecker appeared for everyone.

In audio books or podcasts, the system will memorize the playback position for more than 20 minutes. Also, for such audio materials, playback acceleration similar to voice messages has appeared.

From the little things, we note new animated effects for switching between chat messages, starting a search, and so on. It works on mobile platforms. There is also a choice of part of the text, and not all, the long-awaited function “Mark everything as read”, the choice of video quality when sending, a new screen for exchanging contacts and much more.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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