Imamoglu, the President of IMM, spoke clearly: Those who buy land on the Canal Istanbul route will reap those lands because the project will not be made! ..

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu, the hottest topic of the agenda about the Istanbul Channel SÖZCÜ’e made special statements. Imamoglu reacted to the interest of Arab companies on the land along the Istanbul route, “If the Arab companies bought land. They reap reaper. Because it won’t happen. It will not be done. Imamoglu, “Whether you want to do it or not,” he said harshly criticizing the rhetoric:

‘There is no rule in the middle

San If you do it according to your rule, you will do all the steps by saying ‘everything was in accordance with the rule, we do not listen ‘. There’s no rule, it’s not in the plan. There is no expropriation decision. For example, there are places where the canal passes through Arnavutköy and Başakşehir borders. It still gives zoning, construction permits and plans. This is such a complicated process. There’s no reason and science in it. We disclose our technical data. They respond to each of our data by changing sentences at the end. We say olur it will be like this.. They say ‘not like this‘. Every day, the minister looks like a clarification officer and comes up with an answer. ”

Defending that the project will be spent more than 75 billion pounds İmamoğlu, “200 billion you are unmistakable. As a business person, I find the cost if I get out of pen and pencil, I am at most 25 percent wrong. The cost of this project is never 75 billion TL ”. Imamoglu strongly opposed the project and continued his words as follows:

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İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, citizen, the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism in Istanbul despite the rain and mud, the objections to the record, he said. İmamoğlu said on the subject: “Turkey is experiencing a first in the history, see the tail. They cannot prevent the public’s sense of protection. For the first time, a project is objected with a social reaction. The mind that does not hear this, has closed all sensory organs to society with all its mind and accepts the ability to decide according to its own mind. We have been in Istanbul for so many years. Is there such a reaction to a plan, objection? ”


Uz We are ruining the nature of this beautiful country. This is the issue of the citizens of Istanbul, then the issue of 82 million patriots. What’s more, it’s a matter of the world. You don’t think you can play with the geography of the world. We will explain in scientific terms that you cannot, we will never politicize. Nobody accepts that the President wants. If he accepts reason and science, let him. This project is a betrayal of the date that Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror conquered and entrusted us in 1453. ”

While the EIA objection was in progress, the plan changed and the zoning of the fields taken by Arab investors was completed!

While the objections to the EIA report of the Channel Istanbul Project continue, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has turned to a plan change with the speed of jet. Before the completion of the EIA process, the kur Yenişehir cak, which will be established around the project, was included in the Environmental Plan which was accepted as the constitution of Istanbul. The plan change was approved on 23 December 2019, when the EIA report was suspended. The plan, which was suspended on December 30th, will be suspended for a month for objections. With the new plan, houses, hotels, industrial estates, technoparks, universities, situations, TIR-truck parks, congress and exhibition centers, camping areas, scout camps, sports facilities, and fully equipped hospitals will be built around the canal.

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