Governor of Rayong sends urgent notice to interior requesting COVID-19 vaccine Special case

Rayong -​ Provincial Governor of Rayong sends an urgent letter to the Ministry of Interior Consider allocating 4,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as a special case after being affected by the epidemic in the area three times, hoping to build confidence in people and businesses.

At 6:00 pm today (25 February) Facebook page of the Rayong Provincial Public Relations Office has reported that Mr. Chan Na Iamsang, Governor of Rayong Sent a fax letter in the most urgent government To the Permanent Secretary of Interior, dated 25 February 2021

To request assistance to the Center for the Outbreak of Coronavirus 2019 or COVID 19, the Ministry of the Interior (SABC.MT) consider allocating 4,000 vaccines against COVID 19 to Rayong Volume

Hoping to build confidence among the people tourist And the private sector of the province It also stimulates the country’s economy as a whole.

The reason that Rayong Province is a province in the Eastern Special Development Zone or EEC, together with the location of U-Tapao International Airport Which is considered as the main airport to accommodate foreign tourists

In addition, in the past, Rayong Province was directly affected by the coronavirus outbreak 3 times, the first time in early 2020, the second time due to the impact of the Egyptian military. Stay in Rayong area

And the third time, the impact of a new outbreak at the end of 2020 until it made Rayong province become the main cluster of new outbreaks. And is the most strictly controlled area


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