The pitch is tilted! True Bangkok collapses the bus shark Chon 5-1

Coach Ban Show, Time True, Bangkok United, playing above all dimensions And lined up to shoot at the score in Chonburi 5-1

On February 25, 2021, the Toyota Thai League 2020/21 football match, True Bangkok United opens the house, meets Chonburi FC at 19.00 at True Stadium.

The divine performance is still excellent, unbeaten in 7 consecutive games, this game does not have Peerapat Note Chaiya, making it the opportunity for Wanchai Jarung Nongkran to play instead. VII. Anan and Heberty Fernandes start their real start.

On the Shark Chon side, the latter’s performance stumbles continuously But the last game came back to win in the round 5 after the opening of the home, slashed Police Tero FC 1-0, however, this game has many rotations to send eternity, there are many defending games instead of Renatokeli The song is won by the rising star, the first 11 people in front of it. Yes, Jay C. John stands for the spear.

The first half, True Bangkok United dominates the game even more than 20 PM, Heberty pays off the left to finish the finish line. Before opening the high pole, let Prokklao have been thrust under the beam, not remaining 1-0.

PM 26 had a chance to rival Jay C. John, the party made a way before paying for the right to choke that was waiting in front of the skull Try to put your feet up and shoot But the ball was a little closer to the pole

PM 40, Thep moved away 2-0 before the end of the first half, Tristondo passed the ball through the hole for Natthawut to catch the ball from two defenders Chonburi before throwing the ball into the net

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The second half, p. 51, the wanderers pay in the middle to VII, who touches back, let the decade press with the right, no rest. The gods left 3-0

Then at PM 67, Van der Louise opened the corner before Putinan, the substitute who had just come down to strike, left the host True Bangkok 4-0.

PM 88 Setthawut used diligence to beat Lei B. U before paying Jay C. John to shoot 1-4 after hitting no more goals.

PM 90 + 3 Junior intercepted the wanderer, the referee blew as a penalty before Wander beat himself, not missing the end of the game.

List of players of both teams

True Bangkok United: Michael Falcesard (GK) – Tristan Do (p.61 Putinan Wansri), Manuel Tom Beer (p. 61 June Ka Chu Nuansri), Everton, Wanchai Jaru Nongkran-Hajime Hosokai, Wander Louis, Decade Limwan Sathian (p.61, Wisarut Imura) – Pokklao Anan (p.66 Sanon Watchdechmit), Natthawut Suksum, Heberty Fernandes (n.71 Anon Amornlertsak)

Chonburi FC: Sintawee Chaihathairatnakun (GK) – Noppanon Kochaphalayuk (Nor 70 Panupong Polsa), Niran Meemak (N46 Narut Chai Nimboon), Junior Eldstall, Chathamongkol Ruangtanarot (Nor.46 Ka Fardurosinmee) – Rangsan Wirunsri, Songchai Thongcham, Worachit Kanit Sribamphen (Nor.70 Chan Narong Promsrikaew) – Krirkrit Thaweekan (N46 Setthawut Wongsai), Sitthichok Phaso, Jay C. John


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