‘Government Savings’, register for ‘Foundation Empowerment Loan’, the last round today!

25 January 2021 | by Bangkok Business Online


“Government Savings” opens registration “Foundation enhancement loan” again from 5:00 am today! Ready to open the right until the quota is over Read details And registration steps here

Due to the bank “saving” Has issued measures “Fundamental enhancement loan” To help and alleviate the suffering for customers, affected people The situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 extended loan. “Fundamental enhancement loan” Starting from 15 Jan 64 ago, with the registration for credit through an application. “MyMo” Another round inJanuary 25, 2021 from 5:00 am onwards or until the credit limit is exhausted. After the registration has been temporarily closed previously due to a large number of users.

This For those who have already been approved for credit Please press to claim/Make a contract within the specified period

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This time “Bangkok Business Online” The details of the credit are collected. And the preliminary registration process for those who want to apply for a loan as follows

  • Conditions that must be known before borrowing “Foundation Enhancement Loan” from “GSB”

“Fundamental enhancement loans” are “loans” or “loans” that are open to people affected by “COVID-19” to apply for a loan of up to 50,000 baht per person to alleviate the suffering from the coronavirus epidemic. -19 That affect physical health And financial health With the basic conditions that must be understood as follows


  • Requester qualification “Fundamental enhancement loan”

1) Being a Government Savings Bank loan customer Or have closed the account for not more than 3 years

2) being a small entrepreneur Self-employed, such as trade, service profession, age 20 years or more, when including the borrower’s age and loan repayment period must not exceed 70 years

3) Persons with regular income such as employees of private organizations with regular salaries of 20 years or more when including the borrower’s age and the loan repayment period must not exceed 60 years.

4) People affected by COVID-19

5) There are certain residents who can contact them.

6) Not being employed Or employees of the Government Savings Bank And is not a regular recipient of income from state agencies, state enterprises

  • How to register “Fundamental Empowerment Loan” through “MyMo”

Registration for Foundation Empowerment Loan through “MyMo” Mobile Banking application “savings bank” Do it with the following steps

1) enterApplication “MyMo” Choose a menu “Apply for Foundation Enhancement Loan” And press the Apply button

2) fill inNumber after ID card And press next, the screen will show the details of the subscription Make sure it is correct And press next to continue

3) The screen will showMaximum limitThat can apply for a loan Then select the desired loan amount. And verify the information Press Next to continue.

4) The screen will show the terms and conditions, press accept and slide the screen to read the disclosure consent terms until the end of the page. Then press consent and confirm.

5) Click to receive the OTP code, when the code has been sent to the registered mobile phone number, enter the OTP and confirm.

6) Then the screen will show details of consent for information disclosure, can be saved, stored and done.

  • How to check the registration result “Fundamental enhancement loan”


Those who register request “Fundamental enhancement loan” From the bank “saving” You can check the registration results. Through the website of the Government Savings Bank or www.gsb.or.th

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