Goodyear to make wheels made from soy, good for the car, good for the planet

Polyester is an environmental problem.Importantly, and finding a way to recycle it to make the most of it. It’s a way to reduce the demand for new materials that are good for our world right now. Most of this recycled polyester is 100 million tonnes of textile waste that is sent to landfills each year. Which, if it successfully goes to landfills, it can leach toxins into the surrounding soil and water. So we brought it before it was like that.

Of course, before getting this prototype Always pass the test first. Goodyear has done the test with the Department of Transportation. and has been supported as well This means that the tire is approved for road use. What needs to be done now is to procure enough materials to produce this tire on a commercial scale. so that it can run freely on the road

although Goodyear Like any other company before, it has faced the pandemic crisis, but Goodyear hasn’t lost sight of this piece of sustainability.

As for the characteristics of the new tire, Goodyear says it has lower rolling resistance. This means better fuel mileage and longer mileage in electric cars. It also reduces carbon emissions. Which really looks like a futuristic tire.

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Although they can be run on roads like other tires, do not forget that Rubber wheels in this world have different properties. And people have to choose good tires. safe driving Although it has been supported by the Department of Transport. It will have to continue to prove that the tires are durable and can be used on the road well. Does it meet the needs of road users? What do you think?

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