Goods for pennies in supermarkets! Only until Saturday! Promotions in Biedronka, Lidl, Kaufland, Netto stores for a good start of the month! [03.03.22]

Do you want to save? See what promotions have prepared the stores for the beginning of March 2022. Some products you can buy up to half the price! Discounts are waiting for you, among others in stores such as Biedronka, Lidl, Kaufland, Netto, Aldi or Auchan. Check where the biggest reductions are. You can buy cheaper meat, fruit, as well as coffee or sweets.

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In Biedronka, some promotions, as always, are valid only until Wednesday, and some – until Saturday. Until March 5, even Milka chocolate costs less. In addition, when you buy the Alpro drink, you will pay only 1 PLN for the second one. The store has also prepared a noteworthy offer for pet owners.


> – All Pedigree and Whiskas products – 2 + 1 FREE! – we read on the fanpage of the network.

What other offers can we find in the Biedronka promotional newsletter? Until Saturday, when you buy two Garnier cosmetics, L’Oreal, Fructis, Elseve, you will get the third for free. In turn, only until Wednesday you will pay as much as 47 percent for cauliflower. less, and 40 percent per kilogram of mandarins. less.

The Lidl chain of stores also tempts with offers, valid only until March 2. You can buy a boneless pork sliced ​​cheaper, you will also pay less for dessert oranges. Lidl also encourages purchases with the application, where coupons are waiting for customers. Thanks to them, you will spend less, for example, on cucumbers – until March 2, instead of PLN 19.03, only PLN 9.99 per kilogram!

What will you buy in the promotion in Kaufland stores?

Mocny Start in Kaufland stores! Only until Wednesday you will pay less for:

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