Good news … an American vaccine against Corona on the production line

A press report has published the first pictures of the “Corona” vaccine produced by the giant American pharmaceutical company “Pfizer”, which is producing thousands of doses of the vaccine in Belgium.

The newspaper “Daily Mail” reported today, Sunday, pictures of the vaccine company “Pfizer”, which has already manufactured “hundreds of thousands of doses” of it at its factory in Bors, Belgium.

Currently, Corona vaccine doses are stored in preparation for spreading them all over the world if clinical trials are successful, and the organizers believe that they are safe and effective.

The American company hopes to provide 100 million doses this year, of which 40 million are allocated to the United Kingdom, and the company also hopes to produce 1.3 billion doses in 2021, and each patient who receives the vaccine will need two doses, according to the Middle East newspaper.

The British newspaper described the expected Pfizer vaccine as “an end to the misery of the Corona virus that is sweeping the planet.”

“It was great to see the first bottle coming off the manufacturing line,” said Ben Osborne, president of UK Pfizer Inc. I smiled enormously after seeing all this work actually lead to a product. ”

Pfizer, which works with the German company Biontech, is currently experimenting with 44,000 people, and the US company said last week that it plans to apply for emergency US approval for its vaccine in November.

This puts Pfizer in the lead in the race to launch the “Covid-19” vaccine, which would mean a record time in the speed of developing a vaccine.

Despite this, a possible vaccine campaign at the end of the year will be too limited to contain the epidemic, according to a report by the French Press Agency.

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