demands stricter corona measures – Minister Slob does not want to know anything about stricter policy – De Daily Standaard

Tons of teachers to have no appetite at all in the coming winter, they fear massive corona infections and would therefore rather see today than tomorrow that the government introduces stricter corona measures in Dutch schools. Minister Slob does not want to switch to stricter measures for the time being.

Some teachers are terrified of massive infections in their school. Due to extremely poor ventilation, they believe that an outbreak is waiting. Some tell their story, some are packed in front of the classroom because the ventilation is terrible.

“I was so cold the other day that I sat by the stove for an hour after my lesson. You prefer to close the windows, but then what? I am already forced to work in a dangerous situation, ”says the math teacher concerned. “I am participating in an experiment where it is unclear how it will end.”

The teachers union LIA has conducted a large poll among its members, more than 80% of teachers are concerned about their workplace. Full classes, poor ventilation, many teachers fear the approaching winter. Infections relatively often take place in schools.

“They do wear the caps in the corridors, but those are fleeting contacts. In class they sit very close together without a mouth mask. And yes, the RIVM says that this is possible, but I don’t just have bridge beeps in front of me. There are eighteen-year-olds in the upper classes, so just adults ”

For the time being, Minister Slob does not want to discuss the requirements of the LIA. According to Slob, smaller classes are not a good solution, children should be able to go to school completely.

“It is very important that children are taught at school as much as possible. According to the experts of the OMT, this is also justified. We will keep a close eye on this. ”

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