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Coronavirus.- Brazil will require travelers a proof of vaccination or have recovered from COVID-19 to enter the country

The Government announces that it will begin to donate vaccines to other countries to face the pandemic


The Brazilian government has approved requiring international travelers to present proof of vaccination or of having recovered from the coronavirus in order to enter the country, a decision that takes effect immediately, according to the document supported by the authorities.

The Executive had previously refused to apply these types of conditions, although it has finally proceeded to make the announcement after a ruling in this regard by the Federal Supreme Court. Thus, he stressed that it is “restrictions, measures and exceptional and temporary requirements for entry into the country.”

In this way, he stressed that international travelers must also show a negative test, carried out 24 hours before in case it is for antigens or 72 hours before in case of PCR, at the same time that they must present their vaccination document before boarding. .

The Government has added that those who are “exempt” from vaccination due to age or health reasons will have to carry out a fourteen-day quarantine at their destination, while emphasizing that it cannot be terminated in the event of a negative result in a PCR that it will take place on the fifth day.

For their part, the Ministers of Health and Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Quiroga and Paulino Franco de Carvalho, respectively, have announced that Brasilia will start donating vaccines to other countries to help increase international vaccination coverage against COVID-19.

“Brazil is a protagonist of global health and at this moment we are pleased to announce that the president, Jair Bolsonaro, has authorized the donation of vaccines,” Queiroga said in a joint press conference, as the Ministry has collected of Health through a statement published on its website.

In this sense, he has emphasized that these donations will not affect the vaccination campaign in the country. “Brazil is very proud to be able to join the global efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, also through vaccination,” said Queiroga.

“In our donation actions, guided by the principle of solidarity, we will seek to strengthen the operations of the COVAX mechanism to allow vaccines to reach those who need them most. We will also work in our region, together with our neighbors, maintaining our tradition of cooperation in terms of health, “he said.

Along these lines, Carvalho stressed that “Brazil has participated in initiatives that promote solidarity in search of universal solutions for the health crisis.” “The recent emergence of the omicron variant emphasizes what we knew: the pandemic will only be overcome when all countries have the necessary tools for its containment and response. No one is safe until we are all safe,” he concluded.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health indicated on Monday in its last balance sheet that during the previous 24 hours, 2,094 cases and 70 deaths from coronavirus had been detected, which brings the total figures since the start of the pandemic to 22,215,856 and 617,873, respectively.

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