[GOAL 리뷰] ‘Lee Kang-in 65 minutes’ Valencia, Cadiz and 1-1 mu… 8G draw

With Lee Kang-in playing for about 65 minutes with a 25-minute replacement in the first half, Valencia won a 1-1 draw with Cadiz.

[골닷컴] Reporter Bashion = Valencia played Cadiz in the 17th round of the Primera Liga in the 2020/21 season at Mestaya’s home stadium on the 4th (local time). It was a particularly important match for Valencia, who had fallen to the 18th relegation zone, but after allowing Cadiz the opening goal, Maxim’s equalizer gave Valencia a 1-1 draw. As a result, Valencia continued to draw for eight consecutive games.

Home team Valencia set out in a 4-4-2 formation. Jaume Domenek, Jose Gaya, Muktar Diakabi, Hugo Giyamon, Thierry Kohea, Denis Cheryshev, Daniel Bass, Carlos Soler, Yunus Musa, Maxime Gomes, and Kevin Gameiro started out. Kang-in Lee started on the bench and replaced it in the first 25 minutes.

Cadiz also stood up with a 4-4-2 formation. Heremias Redesma, Alfonso Espino, Juan Carla, Pedro Alcala, Casselen, Escerdo, Parley, Jens Jonsson, Alex Fernandes, Alvaro Negredo and Choco Rosano were the starting players.

In the first half, both teams fought fierce mid-won fights. Then, in the 22nd minute of the first half, Valencia’s first attack came out. Maxi, who broke the Cadiz defensive line, attempted a header but was blocked by Ledesma and did not lead to a goal.

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In the 25th minute of the first half, coach Javier Gracia pulled out a replacement card early. Gameiro, who sensed the injury, left the ground, and Lee Kang-in was put in. Lee Kang-in played the game after three games since the second half against Barcelona.

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Lee Kang-in had a chance to score shortly after, but unfortunately, he could not score the first goal. In the 28th minute of the first half, Maxi got a chance to take a free kick from a position close to the goal, and Lee Kang-in came out as the kicker. However, Lee Kang-in’s shot hit the defense wall of Cadiz and bounced off.

Valencia had a chance to take a free kick right before the end of the first half, but failed to score. In the end, the first half ended with a 0-0 draw by both teams.

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In the 13th minute of the second half, Cadiz scored the opening goal. Rosano, who was connected from the flank, attempted an overhead kick in front of the goal, and Domenech defeated it, but couldn’t completely stop it and shook the Valencia goal net.

Valencia also managed to equalize. In the 34th minute of the second half, Maxi’s shot, headed by Gaya from the left, was equalized. The game went back to 1-1.

Valencia didn’t stop attacking until the end for a reverse goal. Director Gracia put all his strength in the attack by putting in Ruben Sobrino, Alex Blanco, Manu Vallejo, etc., and Lee Kang-in and Maxi also constantly rush into the Cadiz camp. However, the score did not change until the extra time in the second half, and the match ended with a 1-1 draw by both teams.

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