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Global Terror Linked to Coronavirus and Other Pathogens: The Discredited World Health Organization

The global terror linked to the coronavirus begins again, with the addition of other pathogens and choice. The source of the viral fear comes directly from the increasingly discredited World Health Organization. The creator of this umpteenth stroke of genius – believe me, absolutely disinterested, according to Pinocchio – is the American Maria van Kerkhovewho holds the role of technical manager for the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are some passages from his speech, which represents an impressive and unlikely condensation of viral terror, especially for use and consumption by phobics and paranoids: “I’m worried. We are entering the fifth year of the Covid pandemicwe are certainly in a different phase, «characterized by an evolving virus, with the XBB and BA.2 sublineages circulating and JN.1 becoming dominant, characterized by a reduced impact compared to the Covid peak a few years ago, but which is still a threat to global health. It is still a pandemic that causes too many (re)infections, hospitalizations, deaths and cases of Long Covid, when there are tools to prevent them”

Then the scientist in the running to receive the Platinum Tapir displays her formidable collection of equally viral anathemas: “I’m worried that too many think that Covid isn’t something to worry about, that they need a new variant with a Greek letter to take this virus seriously. When we have to assign a Greek letter, we will not hesitate – continues Van Kerkhove –. But in the meantime – he insists – he worries that we want to move forward so much that the governments, many of which have new leadership and have moved forward, will forget the overflowing hospitals, the tents in the car parks for the sick, the refrigerated trucks that served as morgues, the cemeteries, exhausted healthcare workers.

We cannot forget – warns the priestess of terror – those who died alone and people dying now, thousands every week, the hospitalized, the people with Long Covid who struggle every day. These memories, still fresh, must fuel and fund better health systems, equity, pandemic preparedness for current and future threats. All set in the context of other challenges (war, displacement, climate change). We need to do better and it is difficult (in fact producing more damage than that caused in the recent past by this type of communication is almost impossible).

Finally, fully emulating ours national virostars, Kerkhove reiterates the classic paraphernalia, largely of a magical nature, to stop a massacre that continues to put the survival of the human race at risk: “What matters for people is that Covid is circulating in all countries and can protect against infections and serious diseases. Use masks, ventilate rooms, do tests, treat the disease, get vaccinated, doing the booster every 6-12 months depending on the risk group you belong to.” After that, pasta and beans for dinner, I would add.

Now, it is interesting to read what the same American scientist claimed over two years ago, in early December 2021, when it had already been clear for some time that it was a pandemic that essentially affected the most fragile component of human society: “I am confident that we will get out of this pandemic, because we will get out of it. We will resist and get out of the pandemic. We have to work hard to ensure that we are more ready in the future, because there will be more pandemics. Each of us, each of you, each in their own role and wherever they are, must commit themselves, to be all ready to better face the next pandemic.”

Well, illustrious lady Maria van Kerkhove, the next time you use the time machine, make sure you have inserted your brain properly first. Because her current speech, delivered in the fifth year of an infinite pandemic, seems to have come from the mouth of those who – always absolutely disinterested, according to Pinocchio – spread terror liberally and with “good intentions” in the first months of 2020.

Claudio Romiti, 5 January 2023

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