Get to know 3 WhatsApp products, how to use them and their safety


JAKARTA – Early this year’s image WhatsApp is on the decline due to its new privacy policy. But it cannot be denied, the number of users WhatsApp still very much, including in Indonesia.

WhatsApp used for various needs. Not only personal conversation, but also for business. Because, the application under Facebook is classified as very helpful for business people and other general users. Also read: India prepares a local version of the messaging application, ready to install WhatsApp?

Through its official statement, Thursday (11/2/2021), WhatsApp Indonesia explained about the three WhatsApp products, their use, and how user messages are protected in every interaction therein.

Interact with Friends and Relatives
WhatsApp is a free application that is used every day. This application is designed to exchange messages with other individuals. When users send messages to other people who also use WhatsApp, all calls and any content sent, including text, photos, voice messages, or location, are claimed to be automatically protected by end-to-end encryption or end-to-end encryption.

This means that messages that are sent are automatically “scrambled” and can only be “cracked” by the intended recipient’s cell phone. There are no outside parties chat those who can read the message, including WhatsApp and Facebook.

WhatsApp Business for SMEs Interact with Customers
Now more and more people are doing business through WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business is a free application aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which is equipped with various features to make messaging business with customers easier.

When users send messages to their WhatsApp Business account, they may immediately get greetings sent automatically. Users can see the business profile along with the product catalog on the top right side chat.

When users see a product they like, they can put the product into a cart and send it as a direct message in the chat. “Like your conversations with WhatsApp users, your conversations remain encrypted end-to-end, which means your message is known only to you and the business, “WhatsApp claims.

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Today, many small businesses also advertise on Facebook and Instagram, displaying a clickable button to connect to WhatsApp. Like most Facebook ads, if a user chooses to click on these ads, this choice can affect the personalization of the ad that will be seen.

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