Gervais Martel pays Gérard Lopez, on the way to selling LOSC

Thursday 17 December 2020 17:29 – Article written by La Rdaction – Respond to this article

Gérard Lopez and Gervais Martel will never go on vacation together. President of RC Lens from 1988 to 2012 then from 2013 to 2017, the second named is actually not a big fan of the first, whose name is very much in the news. The Spanish-Luxembourgish businessman is in the process of selling the LOSC, in the grip of a huge debt (125 M. €). Joined by 20minutes to dedicate a portrait to Olivier Létang, very likely successor of Gérard Lopez, the Lensois did not go hand in hand with the Lille leader. Gervais Martel criticizes in particular statements made by the latter to La Voix du Nord. Asked at the start of the season about RC Lens’s return to Ligue 1, Gérard Lopez replied that he did not know “the North derby, even if I was still watching black and white TV when Lens was in Ligue 1.” Enough to make the former boss of the Blood and Gold jump.

“To borrow with 12% interest, Gilbert Montagné does not even need his Labrador”

“Olivier is certainly a guy who knew Lens both in color and in black and white when Lens had results. Unlike the previous president if you know what I mean”, began Gervais Martel, before d ‘add: “It was written everywhere during the confinement that Gérard Lopez was the new financial adviser of the League. But hey, to borrow with interest at 12%, Gilbert Montagné does not even need his Labrador.” The ex-president of the RCL also believes that the Lopez-Létang comparison “has nothing to do”: “At LOSC, there was a guy who left cars (in reference to the Lotus team in F1, headed to by Gérard Lopez). He was everywhere and nowhere. And now, there is a guy who knows football. It will necessarily be a plus for Lille, “concludes Martel. Lopez will appreciate.

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