Shooting a video in’Stun Game’ and getting hit by a train…

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The Italian government temporarily blocked access to TikTok for users whose age is not verified. This action was taken immediately after an accident, which is believed to have killed an Italian 10-year-old girl while playing the popular’faint game’ in TikTok.

According to the Reuters news agency on the 23rd (local time), the Italian government issued a statement and said, “TikTok has a policy that people under the age of 13 can not use the service, but it has not been properly regulated.” Blocks the use of TikTok by unidentified users.”

The move came shortly after a 10-year-old girl in Palermo, Sicily, was found unconscious at home and moved to a hospital, but was diagnosed with brain death. It is reported that the girl participated in a so-called’faint game’ that is popular among teenagers in TikTok. The girl’s father said, “To my daughter, TikTok and YouTube were another world. “She spent most of her time doing tic-talk,” she told the local media.

In Italy, in 2018, a 14-year-old boy from Milan was believed to have died while playing a stun game.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, an 18-year-old boy was hit by a train while walking on a railroad track to shoot an eye-catching video in Tik-Tok, according to the AFP news agency. Hamza Navid, who lives near Rawalpindi in northern Pakistan, asked a friend to take a video of himself posing on the railroad on the 22nd. The moment he was walking along the railroad tracks, the train passed and hit him, and it is said that he was already dead when the rescue team was dispatched.

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