Germany issues a visa to the Russian spy despite the objections of the media intelligence

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The investigation found that a visa was issued to a Russian citizen by mistake

The German government has issued a visa to a Russian spy, despite all warnings from the relevant authorities.

Suspected of spying on behalf of Russia, the German government has issued a visa to enter Germany. This decision was made despite objections from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) and warnings from the intelligence services of another country. Speaking of which in shape edition of Der Spiegel on Friday 7 October.

According to the publication, a citizen of the Russian Federation, considered by the special services as a Russian intelligence agent, was initially denied a visa. However, during the negotiations on the accreditation of employees of the German embassy, ​​Russia raised the issue of issuing a visa to this citizen and demanded that the matter be resolved positively.

As a result, the Russian submitted a new application in August and this time he was issued a visa, ignoring intelligence warnings.

This incident led to the initiation of an internal investigation which found that the BfV’s warning had been ignored due to a mistake by an official. As a result, the government acknowledged the mistake with issuing the visa and the visa was revoked.

Germany is “rather weak” with regard to identified Russian spies, the paper notes. According to media reports, the German government expelled many Russian intelligence officers who worked under diplomatic cover.

According to Western intelligence agencies, no other European country has as many Russian agents disguised as diplomats as in Germany, the publication adds. The media add that, according to experts, there are at least a hundred Russian spies left in the country today.

Note that Der Spiegel has previously prepared material on how Russian spies monitored the training of Ukrainian fighters in Germany.

In addition, the Russian Federation has planned be your spy as an intern to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, but was captured.

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