George Wassouf, Nancy Ajram, Najwa Karam and Belqis Fathi donate huge sums of money to those affected in Syria

Arab artists continue to send donations to Syria to contribute to the relief of those affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the country.

In this context, the Syrian artist George Wassouf donated 1.5 billion Syrian pounds, according to a source close to Wassouf told Al-Watan.

Local media also reported that a famous Lebanese artist donated two million dollars for the benefit of those affected, and journalist Ghadi Francis indicated that this artist is a mountain singer, so that the followers suggest that she is Najwa Karam.

Ghadi said in a tweet on Twitter: “An authentic mountain singer, the daughter of the real Lebanon … She does not want to declare what she presented. This is nobility after nobility. But others must follow the example… The circles report and confirm that she provided two million dollars… for the relief of the afflicted in Syria… until her identity was revealed… We thank her with a heart-warming silence, despite the tragedies, the manifestation of the originality and brotherhood of our people.

As for the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, she donated in her own way, as the concert host and producer Youssef Harb revealed that Nancy Ajram’s American-Canadian tour will not be postponed, but a large part of the tour’s proceeds will be donated to support and assist those affected.

The Yemeni artist, Belqis Fathi, also donated the proceeds of her concert, which she held in the Global Village in Dubai, to the families of the victims and the afflicted families in Syria.

Belqis said: “Given the current circumstances, we came up with an idea that I think is a wonderful gesture between me and the management of Globe Village Global Village in Dubai, that the proceeds of this ceremony and the running in particular will go to rescue the afflicted by the earthquakes in Syria .. I hope God relieves them.”

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