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generation conflict between Trump and the teens

When fans of Korean pop music K-Pop join forces with teenagers who regularly attend the TikTok network to dance but also play politics, they can empty the stands of a meeting of Donald Trump who made Twitter his weapon fatal. Back on this conflict of planetary generations where the world before, that of the grandparents, and that after, in which their grandchildren will have to live.

The smart use of social networks can allow you to raise in a few minutes a support army whose power of action is considerable without it being visible “in real life”. However in Tulsa, during the meeting in the bleachers, organized by Trump, it would seem that we saw, in reality, the effect of a mobilization of adolescents against the President of the United States who is old enough to be their grandfather. He had chosen Tulsa, Oklahoma, a city symbol of one of the massacres of the black population in 1921, ignored by history books. They chose to take it to its own trap: the battle of symbols.

They called on TikTok to take ticket reservations for the meeting with the intention of not going there. A successful media operation since before the meeting, Donald Trump claimed on Twitter to wait for a million supporters who had requested tickets and, on the spot, the television cameras filmed 6,200 enthusiastic supporters.

TikTok, the adolescent network

The emblematic debates of the moment, climate change on the environmental side and the fight against inequalities, in particular racial, on the social side, are also a gigantic communication battle whose main weapons are social networks. The choice of weapons is key since each of them does not have the same user profile at all.

To my left Twitter with a figurehead, Donald Trump, 74, 82.4 million followers on Twitter, 46 subscriptions (his family and loved ones). He sends burst messages full of provocative calls in capital letters, retweet his other accounts and, by the way, fake news when they go his way. For the first time, in 2020, he was censored three times by Twitter as part of his new anti-hate policy. To my right, TikTok, a network on the rise that claims 800 million active users per month, the vast majority of whom are adolescents. While their parents believe they are dancing in a group in front of their smartphones, they use their favorite social network to fight one of their main enemy: Donald Trump. They chose a headliner who is their age, the last son of American President Barron, 14 years old.

Barron, the son of Donald Trump becomes a symbol

The #saveBarronTrump which aims to free him from the clutches of his father and therefore more broadly to free their future from his grip, has millions of users on TikTok. Their strategy can even go so far as to use on Twitter the techniques that have made this network the preferred vehicle of haters of all kinds who pour on cover of anonymity innumerable incitement to hatred, racial in particular.

Example: an account with the pseudonym in the image of Barron Trump calls generation Z to make Donald Trump’s campaign site go wrong by drowning it with fictitious replies from fictitious accounts “as they did for the Tusla meeting “.

France also has its arms of the same kind as the affair of the Lycée of Thionville renamed Rosa Parks, symbol of the rejection of racial segregation. This name, chosen by the students themselves, was officially adopted by the Regional Council on June 19 which unleashed a surge of racist and sexist hatred on social networks. The President of the Grand Est Region Jean Rottner has decided to file a complaint and accuses the RN. Network chosen by hate spillers: Twitter! The controversy is part of the tweet of the RN candidate for mayor of Metz, Françoise Grolet, published in the minutes following the adoption of this new name by the Region.

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore, @AC_HT, CEO of Novethic


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