General practitioners called down after controversial decision AstraZeneca vaccination | NOW

General practitioners across the country have received calls from worried people over Easter weekend following the government’s decision to partially discontinue AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine.

“People are confused, there are many questions from patients. For example, the over-60s want to know whether they are still getting the vaccine,” said a spokesperson for the National General Practitioners Association (LHV) after a message from the regional channel. Broadcaster West.

“Others want to know whether the vaccination program will continue. We cannot answer all questions, we are also waiting for answers ourselves”

Due to the many phone calls, some people had difficulty getting a doctor’s assistant on the line. “It was very busy on the phone. Other calls had to wait,” said the LHV. As far as known, no hazardous conditions have arisen.

Injections for 63- and 64-year-olds will continue as usual

GPs vaccinate, among others, 63 and 64-year-olds with the AstraZeneca vaccine. This is currently happening in South Holland, North Holland and Gelderland. This has been completed in the south, and the rest of the country will be next soon. Those injections will continue for the time being.

But the GPs also vaccinate people with Down’s syndrome and people with morbid obesity. In addition, they visit non-mobile people who live independently to vaccinate them at home. These people were previously unable to come to a vaccination site.

It is not only about the elderly, but also, for example, people with ALS or Duchenne’s disease. In these groups, people born after 1960 should not receive the AstraZeneca vaccine for the time being.

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