Want the COVID-19 Vaccine but Afraid of Syringes? Try the following relaxation techniques

Liputan6.com, Jakarta Soon it may be your turn to be injected the COVID-19 vaccine. While everyone has their own reason for being afraid of getting injections, one of them may be because afraid of syringes.

Needle fear can be a reason to avoid vaccinations. According to a meta-analysis of 35 articles published January 2019 at Journal of Advanced Nursing16 percent of adults said they avoided getting the flu vaccine for fear of needles.

Previous research has found that 19 and 20 percent of adults, respectively, do not get the pneumococcal or tetanus vaccine because of this anxiety. The study also suggests that those who give the injection (medical personnel) may underestimate how strong this worry is (because they are too used to seeing needles all day long).

But with a pandemic like this with vaccine injections as a method of protecting yourself from the corona virus, you can do the following 3 tips to overcome your anxiety about needles.

Reporting from Livestrong, director of the UFHealth Florida Exposure and Anxiety Research (FEAR) Lab in Gainesville, Florida, Joe McNamara, PhD, suggests the following to help people overcome their difficulties with needles.

1. Face the fear

This may be a challenge for you and most people so they choose to avoid it. But McNamara emphasizes that if you don’t face / do the things you fear, you will continue to feel afraid of them. Take advantage of these vaccination moments to overcome your fears. Or McNamara suggests sitting every step of the way toward the vaccination site until the fear subsides until you finally overcome the fear.

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McNamara also suggests drawing a needle (you can see references on the internet), then asks you to pay attention to the drawing. Then talk to someone about the function of the needle. Next look at the actual needle, touch it safely and ask for the injection process.


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