Gelsenkirchen: Man runs towards the police with a knife – and is shot

ein Polizist shot a 37-year-old man in Gelsenkirchen on Sunday, who is said to have approached several officers with a knife in his hand. The man initially hit an patrol car with an object that was parked in front of the police station south in the Ruhr area city, said Christopher Grauwinkel, spokesman for the police in Gelsenkirchen. Then the man with the object in his raised hand approached the officials.

The police noticed that the man in the other hand also carried a knife. When, according to the information, he did not stop despite several requests, a 23-year-old police commissioner candidate fired at least one shot at the man. This was fatal.

The attacker was reported to be a Turkish citizen who lived in Gelsenkirchen. He was already known to the police because of various violent crimes. The investigation continued on Sunday.


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