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Geert Wilders: Anti-Islam Dutch Politician with Indonesian Heritage


Tommy Patrio Sorongan, CNBC Indonesia


Wednesday, 11/29/2023 21:00 WIB

Photo: Geert Wilders (Reuters/Alessandro Garofalo)

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The name Geert Wilders is being widely discussed. The Dutch politician’s name has emerged again after the party he leads, PVV, won the election on Wednesday (22/11/2023).

So far, despite being the winner, Wilders has not been able to secure a majority of seats so he can become Prime Minister (PM) of the Netherlands. However, Wilders has something that is holding him back, namely his anti-Islam attitude.

Wilders himself is a figure who is anti-Islam and immigration by Middle Easterners to the Orange Country. He often took controversial actions, such as wanting to expel Muslims who did not accept Dutch principles to leave the Land of Windmills.

Most recently, he issued a warning against the immigration policy signed by his predecessor and rival, Mark Rutte, which he will reduce when he serves as PM.

“We must find a way to meet the expectations of our voters, to restore the Netherlands as number one”, Wilders said in his first response, adding that “the Netherlands will be returned to the Netherlands, the tsunami of asylum and migration will be limited.”

He has also been involved in cases of racism against ethnic Moroccans. In 2016, Wilders was convicted of discrimination after he called Moroccans “trash” at his campaign rally.

Because of his attitude, he has been under police protection since 2004. He has also faced strong opposition to fatwas from Pakistani clerics.

Descendants of Sukabumi

Geert’s stance in supporting anti-Islam and anti-immigration has actually also met with resistance from his family. One of them is his brother, Paul Wilders, who said they actually have an immigrant background.

“Our family roots and last name come from Germany. Our grandmother is Indonesian and Geert’s wife is Hungarian of Turkish descent. We are all migrants,” said Paul in 2020.

In Dutch media reports, Green, Geert Wilders’ grandfather is said to be Johan Ording, who was once a deputy public finance inspector in East Java. He married a girl named Anie Meijer

He was repatriated from Indonesia after being found involved in widespread fraud and corruption in the institution. However, a year before the official dismissal was handed down, Ording moved to settle in Nice, France, where he managed to obtain a large advance from the Dutch consulate.

Ording then received the decision to dismiss him via telegram while he was living in a poor and isolated area in North Limburg Province, the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Geert also got elements of Indonesia from his grandmother, who is also Johan’s wife, Annie Meijer. In the circumstances of Geneanet’s search, Annie, whose full name is Johanna Magdalena Meijer, was born in Jakarta, April 21 1902.

This situation ultimately made Geert’s mother, Maria Anne Ourding, touched by Indonesian elements. He was born in Sukabumi, West Java, on May 23 1933.

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