Gais leaves the Superettan after a draw in the return against Dalkurd

After the 2-1 loss away against Dalkurd on Thursday, Gais was whipped to win the decisive meeting at Gamla Ullevi to secure a new contract in the Superettan.

The match was a spasmodic one, on a lawn in very poor condition. After all, Gais started the match clearly the best, and shook off a few half-chances during the first 30 minutes.

Instead, it was Dalkurd who took the lead in the 32nd minute of the match through Umit Aras after a corner. Gais completely lost the mark and Aras was able to nod in the lead goal which meant 3-1 in the overall standings.

With five minutes left in the first act, Arian Kabashi got a great opportunity to extend the away team’s lead, but rolled the ball just outside Gais goalkeeper Mathias Karlsson’s right post. Gais tried to come back, calling for punishment on several occasions. The home team wanted to get it on hand several times, but instead saw several in the management staff being warned of protest.

The frustration with the home crowd was great, and referee Fredrik Klitte was hit by a thrown snowball in the final stages of the first half. according to GP.

Before the second half, Gais had to score at least two goals to get the match extended.

The home team switched up in terms of play, but at the same time had a hard time playing their way to the most high-quality goal chances. Coach Fredrik Holmberg replaced the offensive duo Michael Kargbo and Julius Lindberg in an attempt to get a draw in the match. Just Kargbo got a very nice position from close range in the 73rd minute – but shot outside.

In the 80th minute, the equalizer would still come. Just mentioned Kargbo folded in and shot low, putting the reduction in the total.

Gais, however, needed to get another goal there to get the match extended.

No such thing came. The match ended 1-1, and the double meeting 3-2 in favor of Dalkurd. Players from Dalkurd ran towards their own supporters to celebrate, but were held back by security personnel and forced to leave the pitch immediately after the end of the match.

The result means that Gais is demoted from the Superettan, while Dalkurd takes the step up to the same. It is the first time since 2001 that Gais leaves the Superettan and now they are forced to start again in the one south 2022.

Dalkurd’s coach Yasin Aras had a hard time finding the words shortly after the final whistle.

– I do not know what to say, I have not had time to digest this. But the only thing I can say is that it’s amazing. The whole association deserves this !, says Aras to Expressen.

He continues:

– We are the best team over two matches and therefore we deserve to win. Football is like that, you never win more than you deserve. Of course, I suffer with Gais as well, a long-standing association that also deserves to be at this level, but today we are pulling the longest straw.

After the final signal, chaos broke out on Gamla Ullevi when firecrackers were thrown from Dalkurd’s grandstand section and people ran onto the pitch. The atmosphere in the arena was very upset where Gais supporters chanted “resign the board” after the relegation became a fact.


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