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Gais beat Mjällby in the allsvenskan – dream jump by Cooper-Love

Published 2024-04-21 16.03




fullscreenJack Cooper-Love. Photo: Nicklas Elmrin / Bildbyrån

Jack Cooper-Love was substituted for Gais against Mjällby.

15 seconds later he scored – then he made the decision 2-1.

– I didn’t have time to think much, says the match hero in Discovery.

Cooper-Love wasted no time coming in with a quarter to go.

The striker pressured the Mjällby defense – Gustav Lundgren twisted the ball to himself, took it with him before finding the jumper in the penalty area who widened in 1-0.

With his first contact with the ball, after 15 seconds on the field.

The visitors’ Jacob Kiiler and Rask broke through with an equalizer – but in the 83rd minute Cooper-Love decided with his second.

– Incredibly nice, says the 22-year-old.

“Incredibly fucking bad”

The loss is Mjällby’s first in this year’s Allsvenskan.


full screen Photo: Nicklas Elmrin / Bildbyrån

– We go up and think we should be nice. Let’s start with the basics. Start banging on and winning the duels, says team captain Jesper Gustavsson.

– We are incredibly bad, I don’t have much more to say.

“Getting Messy”

Initially, the match was marked by Mjällby’s midfield crisis.

Regular Rasmus Wikström did not play due to injury. And it got worse.

Tom Pettersson got a kick on the lip, started bleeding and had to be changed.

Shortly afterwards, Colin Rösler was lying down after getting a ball in the head. However, he played on – but not for the entire half. The Norwegian sat down in stoppage time and after consultation with the club’s medics there was a new change.

Two out of three starting centre-backs involuntarily replaced.

– It gets a bit messy, says the third, Arvid Brorsson, at half-time.

Now there is a difference between Gais (7p) and Mjällby (8p).

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