Gadgets are a type of electronic device, here are its functions and benefits

Gadget is a term that refers to electronic devices that have special functions. Say gadget comes from English which is defined as a gadget in Indonesian. Say gadget alone, often connected to a smartphone or smartphone smartphone.

Development gadget as an electronic device today is a necessity. For example, cellphones used to be just a means of communication, now they are developed for needs and lifestyles.

Definition Gadget

Gadget is a small electronic device that has a special function. In the book Imprisoned by Media Commodification, a gadget is a device of sophisticated tools in which there is an application. In gadget There are various applications for sources of information, social networks, hobbies, creativity, and much more (Widiawati and Sugiman, 2014).

This technology tool makes it easier for someone to do various activities. Through applications and connected to an internet connection, nowadays gadgets help human needs. For example, selling goods, buying, making friends, and working.

So, gadget is the development of communication technology that has many functions. Difference gadget with other electronic objects is renewal. Currently, gadget constantly updated for human needs.

Gadget or a device that functions as a business tool, a source of information, data storage, documentation, listening to music, and others. Not only that, gadget used as an online learning tool or online.

Usage Duration Gadget

Quoting the book “Recognition of Education, Sports, and Health in the Covid-19 Endemic Period“, there are three durations of using gadgets. According to Christiany (in Adeng, 2018) three durations of use gadget are as follows:

  • High usage, namely the intensity of using gadgets for more than 3 hours a day.
  • Moderate use, with use about 3 hours a day.
  • Low usage, which is indicated by the intensity of the user less than 3 hours a day.

Benefits of Gadgets

As mentioned earlier, gadget is now an integral tool in life. In detail, this electronic device has a number of benefits or uses. Benefit gadget is as follows.

1. Access Information

Existence gadget make it easier for users to access information. Just an example gadget Those who are connected to the internet can search for information in various fields such as social, political, education, art, and many more. This information can be accessed free of charge or paid.

2. Speed ​​up Search

Positive side gadget is to speed up the search. For example, someone can look up the price of a product, or get information on social media. The fast flow of information makes it easier for users to share on social media.

3. Helping Business and Work

Gadget can be filled various applications for business and work. The existence of these applications helps users start a business, and makes their work easier. For example, to send and reply to an e-mail or electronic mail (e-mail), as well as selling goods online online.

4. Daily Activities

Gadget make it easier for users to interact and communicate. In addition, users can also use gadget to pursue a favorite hobby. The gag become an important item and daily activity for users. For example, to listen to music, take pictures, find locations, and other things.

That’s an explanation of gadgets and their positive impact. However, this ease of access can have a negative impact on some people. For example, children are addicted to playing games on the Internet gagged, which makes them prefer to spend time with their cell phones. This is where the role of parents, who are expected to be wise, by limiting the use of gagged in children.

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