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Libreville, December 8, 2023 (AGP) – The space of the Nka-Ayogo village hall, located in Damascus, in the 5th arrondissement of Libreville, hosted the funeral ceremony of the illustrious deceased. The Ministry of Culture wanted to pay a final tribute to Master Marcellin Minkoe ​​Mi-Nzé on behalf of Minister André Jacques Augand, who was unable to attend.

His death occurred on November 10, 2023, following an illness. Marcellin Minkoe ​​Mi-Nzé bows out at the age of 70. Affectionately called “master Minkoe-Minzé”, the deceased was born in 1953 at Lake Anengué, in the village Chic-à-voir in Ogooué-Maritime.

Gabon has just lost a man of art who distinguished himself in the field of plastic art. The one who was general director of Enam and director of the Bantu Art gallery contributed significantly to the development of local artistic talents.

The tribute ceremony organized in honor of the illustrious deceased brought together a good number of artists and agents of the Ministry of Culture, under the watchful eye of his biological family.

The tribute took place in three main periods. Namely, the opening of the tribute led by the Secretary General, followed by the laying of wreaths. Then, the testimonies of those who traveled with him, to then leave room for the closing words of the family representative. To this end, a guest book was displayed to mark this farewell ceremony.

For the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, Bernard Obiang who opened the tribute ceremony, ”Marcellin Minkoe ​​Mi-Nzé was able to impose his style and create works that have become symbols at the national level”.

Also, it was an opportunity for the Secretary General to confirm the assertion that ”the artist does not die”, referring to his numerous works such as the Gate of Liberty large sculpture showing a negro nor man nor a woman with a broken chain on her hands. Or the statue of tolerance at the Rio crossroads, and other works of art which adorn the Ministry of Culture.

Bernard Obiang concluded in his words: ”Great master through your works you are and will always remain with us and among us. Through the works present in our offices, the corridors of the ministry, in our homes and in the public square of Libreville and elsewhere. We keenly feel your presence and know that you are always and will remain among us. ”

For some of these fellow artists, Marcellin Minkoe-Minzé “despite his international fame, he remained someone quite accessible and very humble. During my stay at the Ministry of Culture, he was always present during cultural days. He was a very jovial person,” testified Gabonese writer Justine Mintsa.
For others, “he knew how to reach out to his fallen brother. Also, he knew how to undo the bonds of mental enslavement.” So much praise addressed to this art luminary who was a visual artist, graphic artist and designer consecrated “master” in 1982 by the jury of the October show organized by the French Embassy, ​​CICIBA and the organizing country Gabon.

Marcellin Minkoe ​​Mi-Nzé leaves behind a family, friends and above all fans of his paintings and sculptures imbued with his artistic know-how.


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