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With his performances at the World Cup in Qatar, forward Niclas Fülllkrug also placed himself in the international limelight. Bundesliga club Werder Bremen would probably give up the new German fan favorite in the event of a million-dollar offer.

“If an immoral offer comes along that even Niclas would like to accept, we have to at least deal with it due to our financial possibilities,” said Clemens Fritz, head of professional football for the promoted ‘Sport Bild’. In principle, Bremen are planning with the 29-year-old “also for the new season. There are no other thoughts,” stressed the qualified but Fritz: “But in football there are many things that cannot be planned.”

Interested in Bayern Munich?

When asked about speculation about FC Bayern Munich’s alleged interest in the 29-year-old striker, Bremen sporting director Frank Baumann told media portal ‘DeichStube’: ‘We are happy for Niclas, he should now focus on the World Cup. rest is not a problem”. According to media reports, those responsible for the German record champions should have asked the Füllkrug teammates of the World Cup squad without obligation about the promoted Bundesliga goalscorer.

Further information

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In the last game of the group stage of the World Cup against Costa Rica, the German national soccer team needs a win and as many goals as possible. Moreover

In its most recent balance sheet, Bremen presented a profit of 6.3 million euros, but has liabilities of 14 million. In the next few years, loans and bonds for around 38 million euros will also have to be repaid. Füllkrug only extended his contract with Werder last summer until 2025, on a lower salary.

At the age of 29, Füllkrug took off

This season, the former junior national player started and is the most successful goalscorer in the German Bundesliga with ten goals. In 76 minutes of action for the DFB-Elf over three international matches, he scored two goals, including the celebrated Final result 1-1 at the World Cup against Spain.

“I think Bremen are happy, everyone is happy,” Füllkrug said on Tuesday about his club’s mood, even though Bremen are basically “a bit critical” of the World Cup in Qatar: “Everyone is extremely happy for me , I have a lot of messages from my boys, also from the technical staff and management”.

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The SV Werder Bremen striker secured the DFB team a 1-1 draw in their second group match on Sunday. Hope for the round of 16 is alive. Moreover

sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-thumbnailgross.jpg 128w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-contentgross.jpg 568w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-vierspaltig.jpg 760w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-contentxl.jpg 1067w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-fullhd.jpg 1920w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-einspaltig.jpg 184w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-contentklein.jpg 256w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-anderthalbspaltig.jpg 280w,https://www.ndr.de/sport/fussball/fuellkrug192_v-zweispaltig.jpg 376w" sizes="1px">National player Niclas Füllkrug in the World Cup match against Spain.  The Werder professional scored the goal to make it 1-1.  © IMAGO / Sports press photos Photo: Andrey Heuler

The Bremen striker saved the DFB-Elf from the upcoming World Cup against Spain as a big wild card. Now he wants more against Costa Rica. More

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