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From December 2023, Google will start deleting inactive accounts

California: Technology giant Google will soon begin the process of deleting inactive accounts globally. In this operation initiated by Google, millions of photos, files and emails in the account will be deleted.
Billions of Google accounts have been created since the Gmail service was introduced. The account also comes with access to additional features from the company like Gmail, YouTube, Search and Google Drive.
However, there are a large number of accounts that have been inactive for a long time and Google says that this is a major security risk and deleting these inactive accounts will improve the security of other users. is part of the process.
According to the company, these old and inactive accounts can be hacked by criminals and used for illegal activities.
To solve this problem, Google has decided to delete all these accounts.
It should be noted that this policy was introduced by Google at the beginning of this year, which was to be applied from December 2023.
Ruth Crashley, Google’s vice president of product management, wrote in a blogspot last May that the company is extending the period of inactivity for Google Accounts to two years.
This move by Google is to protect active users from phishing schemes (spoofing) and account hijacking.

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